Not Mine But I Like It

I didn’t write this, sand I seriously need to track down were I got it.

Silky thighs
Rhythmic hips
My tongue colliding with your desire


More thoughts

As I’ve matured in my confidence in myself, and my understanding of life, sex, love and all that stuff, I like to think I’ve evolved.  In stead of being jealous of another man or women, I feel proud that my lady is attractive to another.  Were I would be jealous was if it was being hid.  As to participating, I can’t think of anything more special than to share the enjoyment that my partner has.  Now as me being bi?  Well I don’t like to think of myself as being bi.  I like to think of myself as sexual, and enjoying anything that makes by partner, or partners happy.  Why should a particular activity be limited to one gender.  If I exact here to suck and swallow, I should be able to, If I expect her to enjoy anal sex, then it’s only fair that I also should participate.  I think that’s the primary reason a 3some or a triad seems best to me.  THere are enough hands, tongues, poles and holes to make everyone happy.
Although I enjoy an mans body, what I feel in my mind when I close my eyes and think of sex, is the feeling I get when I slide slowly into a warm, wet woman.

What am I?

Some one asked me today if I could get it up for women? I think this came from our original discussion of a male partner for a MMF 3some.

I decided I needed to verbalized some of the thoughts I had on this. I like women, I love women, I enjoy women. I enjoy their taste, their smell, the way they feel, the was they respond. I enjoy the way I feel when I slide into a woman who is wet and ready for me. When I see a sexy woman walk by, I turn my head and watch her walk by. I can picture myself waking up with a woman.

Now, there is also something to be said for that unique feel of a cock, the mix of hard and soft, steel and velvet. That being said, although I find some men sexy, I don’t fantasize about waking up with one.

All this Bi stuff started when female partner asked me to go down on her, and we had intercourse. Well after we had fucked, like rabbits. I thought it was gross, but she pushed. I didn’t think it was gross for me to come in her mouth and for her to swallow. Well I finally consented, I don’t know what I was expecting, but as my tongue touched her, I was amazed, our combined taste was pretty good. I started lapping away and she came pretty hard, pushing my whole load in my mouth. Me eating her cream pie, became a regular thing. Then we started swinging, mostly single guys at first. NomI wasn’t the jealous type, I knew I was going to get mine. One night after the guy had left, we were touching each other and without thinking I rolled her onto my face and started eating his cum out of her. She was surprised and road my face pretty hard, cuming a couple of times. That eventually led to me tasting it from the tap.

So now in this order of preference, I enjoy females, MFM 3 somes, MMF 3 somes, and then last a guy.

Epiphanies and Revelations

Ok here is my first REAL blog post. I’ve already failed on my plans for this blog bu here we go.

Over the past few days, I’ve had an epiphany. You see all this time I thought it was about the sex.

Well oops, at least for me, it’s not all about the sex. Sex is a large part of it, but there is more. The foreplay of flirting, the submitting to a partners wishes, talking, chatting, and heaven forbid, actually communicating.

In the online forums, it’s not even about the sex for a lot of people. It’s about the hunt, the chase, the fantasy. That’s probably so many people disappear when it comes time to actually meet.

Details to follow.

Hello world!

Hello there world.  Welcome to my blog. Like most I’ve got big plans but we’ll see what happens.


I guess I should say I’m pan sexual and not bisexual.  When it comes to sex and relationships, I don’t really care what gender you are.